Our Approach
Developing your Digital Channel Strategy:
Developing your digital channel strategy is critical to the success of your business. Digital BrandWorks works with your team to ensure that your e-commerce strategy is in concert with your company’s overall sales and marketing strategy. This is achieved through our four step process.

During the discovery process, we gain a thorough understanding of your business, specifically the extent to which your digital channel strategy relates to your business as a whole. Our team takes the time to understand your business and the challenges you face. In the end, we create a customized, unique solution that works for you.

It is only after we gain an understanding of your business that we begin the mapping out solutions. We look at your overall strategy, your brand essence and your operations to ensure that our solution will work for your organization. We also review your current policies, practices and reporting methods to see what needs to be changed.
Strategic Map
Building a strategic map allows us to clearly review and agree upon the optimal digital strategy for your company. The map begins with your financial objectives, then looks to understand the specific needs of your customer. Lastly, we look at your organization to identify the points of differentiation that meet the identified needs and align with your financial objectives.

This strategic map enables us to easily portray and communicate your strategy internally and externally, keeping the team focused on what needs to be done.
SWOT Analysis
The SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis is a continuation of the discovery process with a specific focus. The team will interview various stakeholders of your organization to identify the internal strengths weaknesses of your company. We also identify threats, both internal and external, that the company faces in achieving its goals. Understanding these capabilities and risks lets us manage them to our advantage and to minimize unwanted surprises.
Digital Strategy
Once we create the strategic map, our Digital BrandWorks’ team moves from the strategic to the tactical implementation. We work to implement a digital strategy that is in harmony with your retail strategy.
From here, we determine what route best fits your business…
Channel Management
Navigating the digital landscape can be challenging, especially with the growth of the digital marketplaces. Let Digital BrandWorks become your one-stop-shop for managing the world of e-commerce. You no longer have to worry about your digital brand presence. We know the marketplaces and understand their unique demographics, thus allowing us to tailor your presence for each audience. We will develop a digital road map specifically catered around your brand’s message, pricing, and strategy, to increase visibility and sales velocity.

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Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence is much more than providing data snapshots and downloads; it is taking massive amounts of data from various sources and finding useful information that a company can use to its advantage. Digital BrandWork’s Analytic team is expert in managing large amounts of data and using it for our client’s advantage.

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Marketing Services
The implementation of an effective digital marketing strategy is critical to the success of your businesses digital media investment. A diversified presence across various media channels is the key to meet your revenue objectives. Our marketing services combine development of innovative marketing strategies, promotional planning, various design elements and marketing analytics to create a digital media approach unique to your company’s specific needs. Through promotional placement, listing optimization, unique creative & content and customized reporting, we work to drive relevant traffic & profitability to your business.

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