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For over 50 years Ronco® products have been improving the day-to-day lives of people all over the world. Established and guided by the keenly inventive and always dynamic personality of Ron Popeil, the Ronco® name can today be found everywhere from the kitchen cupboard to the display cases of the Smithsonian Museum. Ron Papeil has even been voted by Self Magazine readers as one of the 25 people who have changed the way we eat, drink and think about food.

Ronco’s lack of marketplace experience was diminishing the brand’s reputation & image. Their pricing inconsistencies were being reported in every sales venue and inaccurate content on product listings were frustrating business partners and customers alike. Additionally, their long standing (and future) brick & mortar relationships were in jeopardy as sales fell and confusion grew.


Digital BrandWorks began to advise the best direct brand enhancement practices. Digital BrandWorks organized information and aided in the development of a consistent MAP policy. Ronco product content and images were reestablished and clarified. Digital BrandWorks took point and coordinated brick & mortar and Virtual Marketplace strategies.


Digital BrandWorks continues to monitor and report Map violators on all channels. Digital BrandWorks continues to improve the MAP policy to increase optimization. Ronco now enjoys a broadened market reach through NewEgg, Sears and Best Buy. Ronco has now restored its market image with consumers and Brick & Mortar/eCommerce retailers alike.

“Over the past decade Ronco's Brand Image had become tarnished and diluted by the various ecommerce channels.

The very image that Ron Popeil worked so passionately to build. Partnering with Digital BrandWorks has enabled Ronco to recapture its integrity, while growing the brand.”

-Eydie Webster
vp sales & marketing