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The world leader in metal detecting products and sales since 1985; the Minelab® name is synonymous with excellence in ground search technologies. From equipping the personal hobbyist to large scale military and humanitarian demining projects, the extensive Minelab® portfolio covers it all. As consumers, companies, and governments worldwide continue to develop and search the soil below, Minelab® continues to innovate and improve their technology to meet this rapidly growing demand.

Minelab had no digital strategy to operate successfully on the internet and their staff members lacked a working knowledge of best practices in virtual marketplace. Additionally, a heavy eBay presence was negatively impacting all other third party and brick & mortar relationships. Sales and market uncertainty was making it difficult to manage ideal supply levels.


The Digital BrandWorks & Channel IQ team collected and systematized detailed channel information. Digital BrandWorks was able to help instruct and guide third party listings and detailed analytics have been provided that helped to improve sales, production and inventory efficiency.


Digital BrandWorks became the fastest growing retailer for Minelab and continues to monitor and report MAP violators on all channels. Detailed analytics have assisted in keeping operating expenses low and raising profit margins. Digital BrandWorks has increased harmony and understanding with Brick & Mortar and 3rd party vendors.

“Digital BrandWork’s model of scrubbing the internet’s selling sites for standard & approved pricing has proven to be an incredibly efficient model for us.

We receive daily reports of pricing offenders across the net & can move quickly to correct all discrepancies. We have saved time, made the playing field fair & virtually eliminated our channel discounting. ”

-Gary Schafer
general manager