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Coway is a $2 billion dollar South Korean company that Digital BrandWorks worked with to launch their air purifiers and filters in the USA, develop an online channel strategy, and manage their ecommerce presence on Amazon and other major marketplaces. By doing this, we helped them acquire shelf space in Bed, Bath & Beyond and expand online sales over 470% YOY.

Coway is a $2 billion dollar South Korean company that needed to effectively launch their air purifiers line in the USA and protect their brand from an online marketplace channel that was sure to damage their image, impact sales, and degrade margins. The potential brand and pricing disruption in the online channel was proving to be a roadblock for Coway, who was looking to garner significant shelf space in Bed, Bath and Beyond and other major retailers.


The Digital BrandWorks team collected and analyzed detailed channel information to get a better handle on Coway's online marketplace challenges. Digital BrandWorks was able to help Coway develop a cohesive strategy for the ecommerce channel that championed and enforced MAP policies, focused distribution, and developed best-in-class listings that increased conversion and protect their brand. Digital BrandWorks continues to manage the Coway brand on Amazon and other ecommerce channels and effectively market and merchandising their Air Purifier line efficiently and effectively.


By developing a comprehensive ecommerce strategy, deploying and managing Coway ecommerce listings, and actively managing their online presence over the past twelve month, Digital BrandWorks helped Coway acquire shelf-space in Bed, Bath & Beyond and expand online sales more than 470% YOY.