Channel Management
The continued growth in the number of digital marketplaces has made it more difficult to properly represent your brand online. Our expertise in managing the marketplaces ensures proper overall representation of your product's pricing and content online.
Channel Audit

Consistency is key when representing your brand to the consumer and your retail partners. You need to look beyond the price to the quality of the listings, trends in reviews, and the ranking & quality of sellers.

Our channel audit consists of a review of sellers, pricing, and presentation across relevant e-commerce channels, including both retailers and marketplaces. This review will help us to determine the best strategy to optimize, position, and monitor your brand. We also keep a close eye on what both retailers and customers are saying about your brand and incorporate that feedback throughout your campaign.

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Marketplace Optimization

Following the Channel Audit, we begin the process of Marketplace Optimization. We’ll create unique content, images, and videos with your brand’s overall message in mind. This original material will help to enhance your presence in the digital marketplace. Listings are reviewed on an ongoing basis, ensuring that keywords are continuously updated to drive sales on each marketplace.

At Digital BrandWorks, we know that each marketplace’s customer is unique. Having helped countless companies with their digital strategy, we know what works and what doesn’t. We use our expertise to increase traffic and sales for your company.

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Marketplace Management

Digital BrandWorks can help you manage your product offerings. If you have products that are not listed in the digital marketplaces, we place and position those items in the appropriate marketplace.

Brand message, transaction management, and consumer experience are monitored by the Digital BrandWorks team. The combination of proper marketplace management, authorized product distribution, and an enforceable minimum advertised price (MAP) policy decreases the likelihood of market confusion.

Digital BrandWorks has direct relationships with many of the marketplaces, giving us the ability to garner unique promotions for your brand. We also ensure that all of your digital offerings are priced consistently with your overall retail pricing strategy.

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Policy Review & Development

Consistent pricing & distribution policies and/or practices are essential to protecting your brand. These policies must work in unison to accomplish your goals.

Digital BrandWorks has years of experience working with, evaluating, and drafting MAP & distribution policies. Our team will review your programs to identify any opportunities for improvement.

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Distribution Program Development

After analyzing your current distribution programs for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C); we create a proprietary plan encompassing product life cycles to leverage all possible outlets for your product. This process ensures that the consumer experience is consistent with your brand guidelines across all platforms.

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Distribution Program Implementation

Shipping directly to consumers is often not a part a manufacturer’s distribution model. We’ll assist you in developing a high-quality shipping program, including analyzing your current warehouse configuration, preparing for packaging changes, and developing a drop-ship program to extend your product reach.

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Policy Adherence Program

The goal of a MAP policy is to avoid the commoditization or dilution of your product value. Digital BrandWorks is able to track pricing violations, aid in rectifying discrepancies, and monitor the overall picture of your company’s online pricing profile. We assist in identifying and communicating with sellers violating your policies to minimize the negative impact.

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Promotion Development

Digital BrandWorks is able to maximize sales opportunities at your MAP across a variety of marketplaces by creating effective and unique promotional campaigns. We use banner ads, e-mail campaigns, front page exposure and "deal of the day" promotions to build your brand exposure. We also work closely with each individual marketplace to obtain the best possible exposure on each platform.

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