Business Intelligence
Gaining useful and actionable insights from massive amounts of data, presented in a way that’s easily accessible.
Data Management

Our business intelligence process begins with a high-level view of your company. We gain an understanding of your business and your available data points to find the common linkages between disparate data sets. This allows us to look for opportunities in ways that you might miss when you’re using dozens and dozens of different spreadsheets to track data.

Identifying the data sources necessary to support your business needs, allows us to build a database structure and methodology for getting the data into a usable format. The end result is a single data source that is easy to use and alerts you to new opportunities.

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Identifying the Business Drivers

Business drivers are those factors affecting your business that require constant monitoring. These can be anything from lead time for product delivery to return rates. It is critical to your sales and operations planning that you identify these drivers as early as possible. Failure to do so could have serious repercussions.

As we conduct the initial review of your business, we’ll pay special attention to uncover the key factors that drive your success. Once we identify these metrics, we develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure, monitor, and manage these drivers.

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Trend Analysis

Many businesses rely upon trend analysis in one form or another. Most look at historical trends to predict the future, adding estimated percentages for future growth to plan for sales and operations. Digital BrandWorks takes this analysis one step further. We use advanced web-based tools to look at historical trends with multiple dimensions, including plans and the expectations of management.

In addition to internal trends, we focus on the marketplace. Our team continuously monitors sales & marketing trends and trade news, allowing us to better understand opportunities and threats for your products.

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Sales & Operations Planning

We build our sales and operations forecast utilizing regression analysis in conjunction with the data we’ve compiled. Looking at the data from a top-down and middle-out perspective, we create information that can be used by various departments within your organization. When your department heads meet, they’ll be looking at the same data, meaning there’s no chance for misinterpretation.

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Data Visualization

We present Information in a manner consistent with audience expectations. Detail is available for colleagues that need to dig deeper and potentially act upon information. Additionally, executive summaries can be created for the senior members of your team.

Rather than merely providing you with volumes of raw data, we provide you with meaningful analysis and reporting, presented to you and your team in a manner that’s concise and easy to use.

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