Marketing Services
Our marketing services combine the development of innovative marketing strategies, promotional planning and design elements to create a digital media approach aligned with your overarching marketing strategy.
Content Development
The way your brand is represented is an important factor in converting sales and overall brand awareness. We develop promotional assets and campaigns aligned with your brand essence to ensure a consistent message.

Far too often, brands are misrepresented on different marketplace and e-commerce websites. Whether it’s poor photography or misinformed features, your customers aren’t getting the full picture. The information your customers read on the internet will determine how they feel about a transaction with your brand, so you want the information to be as accurate as possible.

We create unique product content and product images for all of our clients. We then format this information in an aesthetically pleasing manner across all channels. Our goal is to make sure that your brand is displayed to the highest standards, without compromise, on all corners of the internet.

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We produce original videography to promote your products and enhance brand awareness. By utilizing this unique media, you’ll expand the reach of your brand into new frontiers through different mediums.

YouTube has become more relevant to search engine optimization and the purchasing decision process. Your brand’s video presence becomes more important than ever in the digital age. Whether you want to play on humor or sophistication, we can use video as another means of expressing your brand.

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Promotional Development & Calendar
Timing is everything in business, and we use this to our advantage. We’ll develop a promotional strategy and calendar that is customized to your product offerings and services. We’ll then determine the best marketing tools to drive profitable traffic and growth.

Through our extensive relationships and marketing tools, we have the ability to position your products and services within leading marketplaces. We inject your campaign with unique creativity and content to increase brand awareness. The results of these efforts are monitored, analyzed, and reported on in a customized format aligned with the needs of your business.

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Search Engine Marketing
The most common way to generate new leads for your business is through the search engines. It’s important to build awareness for your business through placement within multiple search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Bing. We’ll develop a pay-per-click strategy unique to your products and services. We’ll also drive traffic to targeted landing pages through custom text ads, ensuring that relevant keywords and search queries are captured. This will help you to reach the maximum amount of customers, maximizing your company’s ROI.

Our role is to constantly find new ways to promote your business. To that end, we often find opportunities for unique listings and promotions. These may include traditional display and banner ads, as well as innovative video advertising to promote brand awareness.

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Comparison Shopping Engines
Comparison shopping engines such as Nextag, Shopzilla and PriceGrabber can bring more exposure to your brand. These sites help you to gain exposure outside of traditional search engines like Google and Bing. However, due to the very time consuming aspects of management, many businesses leave this powerful marketing tool unexplored.

Instead of ignoring these sites, we embrace these untapped resources and use them to promote your company. We begin by determining which channels are the best fit for your products. Once we identify the best outlets for your brand, we manage the listings from set-up to ongoing analysis and optimization. Furthermore, we maintain your product feed and manage daily bidding to ensure your products stay current and consistent with your other advertising platforms. In this way, we help you to drive relevant traffic to your site, thereby improving your ROI.

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Product Testing
Based on your current marketing strategy, we develop unique product offerings to maximize product reach, life cycle, and inventory health. We then use marketplace listings to evaluate various components of your strategy, such as pricing, content, and placement.

Through exclusive marketplace listings and unique content, we continually optimize and test your products. We maintain the listings, regularly analyzing and reporting results in a customized format based on your business needs. Based on results, we will adjust the overall strategy to meet your revenue objectives.

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Site Development
We design, develop and manage your e-commerce website, making sure that you’re always a step ahead of your competitors. Our extensive experience in e-commerce means we know what works, and we’re able to deliver a fully functioning website that converts clicks into sales.

As we move into the future, staying up on the emerging trends in e-commerce is essential. That’s why it’s important to work with experts in the industry and have a website that effectively uses the best available technology. Whether it’s implementing a responsive web design or giving customers a multitude of checkout methods, we make sure that your website out performs and out delivers your competitors.

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