Listing Optimization 101

Listing Optimization 101

It’s an all-to-common story: You’ve got a great product, but it’s not showing up in Amazon searches and sales are slipping as a result. With millions of items sold daily, pushing your product’s listings to the front can feel like an uphill battle. But frequently, you can improve your results with a few simple tactics. That magic happens when you leverage product listing optimization – and the results can have a significant impact on your conversion rate and your bottom line.

Optimizing your Amazon listing simply means you’re making sure your listing satisfies two major requirements: being valuable enough (in the eyes of Amazon) to display to customers, and remaining visible when those customers search and filter the results. Amazon puts it quite succinctly in their own optimization page: “Customers must be able to find your products before they can buy your products.”

  • Your product’s title and bullet points are a great place to start your listing optimization work. Amazon favors listings with titles and bullets in alignment with their best practices. They also mine titles and bullets for keywords. Fill your bullets with unique, distinguishing features and include your brand and a concise description in each title. But don’t overdo it – “keyword stuffing” is discouraged by Amazon and also unnecessary. Your listing has a separate field for keywords. Use it!
  • Next up: images. They’re a consumer’s first impression of your product, and are thus highly influential in conversions. It’s an equally important factor in Amazon’s eyes. Amazon can and will punish listings that have poor or missing images. Follow Amazon’s image guidelines, and shoot for a minimum of three – a “hero” shot, plus additional angles, lifestyle shots, or close-ups. Remember that a large portion of the consumer’s screen – especially in mobile – is taken up with your product’s image, so make it count!
    • Additional content fields are one of the most overlooked opportunities to get your product in front of more consumers. They range from color and dimensions to whether your product requires batteries or is machine washable. Amazon heavily favors listings in which these fields are completed, they can be mined for SEO inside and outside Amazon, and they directly impact your listing’s presence in consumer search filters (for example: if you have a blue sweater, but haven’t filled out the color field, your listing will be excluded when the consumer checks the “blue” color filter on the search results page). And don’t forget there’s a keyword field – make sure it’s packed with relevant terms!

A robust and accurate listing optimization review will help you improve impressions and organic search results, maintain control of your content, drive conversions, and open up additional doors for marketing and SEO. In the eyes of Amazon and its consumers, your listing quality effectively represents your product quality – don’t sell yourself short!

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