Product Variations: Why They Matter

Product Variations: Why they Matter on Amazon

Product variations, or parent-child relationships – similar versions of an item displayed on a single listing page – are designed to help customers find products more quickly and help them easily compare different versions of items. But are product variations really worth it? Absolutely!

Product variations can be a powerful way to improve your Amazon listings. Among their many benefits is their ability to significantly improve the customer experience as well as your products’ presence within Amazon’s search algorithm.

Because variations list all versions of an item on a single page, purchasers spend less time and effort clicking back out to search results. This reduces the effort required to find the specific item they want and easily purchase it. They see all versions at once, making it easier to compare and choose what best fits their needs. And they can see all the relevant items regardless of their search rank. When variations are listed separately, if one item is on page one of search results, other versions may be lost several pages deep, where few consumers venture. 

From an Amazon algorithmic standpoint, product variations allows each “child” item to reap the benefits of every other child item in the variation. Amazon applies data from all the variants to each individual child, which significantly amplifying the power and weight of your listings. Perhaps the best example of this is in regards to reviews. If you have three items with five reviews apiece, listing them as children of a common parent will make each one will appear as though it has 15 reviews. This is an especially advantageous situation for new or struggling products with limited purchase history. Amazon also separates out keywords by child item, meaning that you can assign different keywords to each variation – and because all those variations share a single page, you’re effectively getting to ignore the 250-character keyword limit and multiply your available keyword capacity enormously.

If your items lend themselves to the format, product variations can yield a better experience for Amazon shoppers, translating into improved sales and conversions – one more way to keep your listings in top shape!

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Tiger Paton was the Creative Lead at Digital Brandworks, a digital consultancy that provides customized solutions for improving marketplace performance on Amazon and beyond.

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