Leveraging Advertising for Increased Amazon Revenue

Advertising is quickly becoming a requirement for sellers that want to be competitive on Amazon. With over 350 million products on Amazon’s marketplaces and about 2 million sellers, it’s easy to get lost in the ocean of available items. Advertising allows you to dramatically increase the chances that your items will be seen. But the benefits of advertising reach far past simple increases in audience size. You can leverage Amazon’s full suite of advertising options – Sponsored Listings, Headline Search Ads, and (if you’re a Vendor Central or Vendor Express user) Product Display Ads – to increase your brand’s presence and sales online.

When designed carefully, ad campaigns can provide you with powerful data that you can use to analyze customer trends and efficiently optimize your listing content, improving conversion and overall revenue. In addition, ads typically provide a ‘halo effect’, creating an overall lift across your products – even after the ad has stopped running. This is usually due to the increased clicks and traffic that your items are getting due to ads; Amazon’s algorithm takes into account sales velocity and traffic of items when choosing what to display to customers in search.

Check out the infographic below to find out more about the benefits that advertising can provide you, and give us a shout here if you are interested in developing a campaign program that can help drive sales even further. With Q4 on the horizon, now is the time to sit down and strategize how you are going to leverage Sponsored Listings and other Amazon advertising features to make the most of the high traffic that comes with the holiday season.




Tiger Paton

Tiger Paton was the Creative Lead at Digital Brandworks, a digital consultancy that provides customized solutions for improving marketplace performance on Amazon and beyond.

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