Headline Search Ads for Seller Central: Part 1

Headline Search Ads in Seller Central: Part 1

Headline Search Ads have until very recently been the exclusive territory of Vendor Central / Amazon Marketing Services users. But in the last few days, Amazon has offered them to the Seller Central marketplace, with all the myriad benefits they can provide you. Now is the perfect time to try them out in advance of a busy and competitive Q4.

Here’s some of the benefits that Headline Search Ads have over Sponsored Listings:

  • Multi-product advertising. While Sponsored Listings allowed you to place multiple products into an ad group, the ads themselves only displayed one of those items at any given time. With Headline Search Ads, you select three or more products to advertise. In the desktop format, you can choose any three of the items to display on the ad itself, opening up opportunities to advertise unique combinations like an item and its accessories, coordinating parts of a set, and more.
  • Curated results pages. When a customer clicks on the Headline Search Ad, they aren’t taken to one of the products like they would be with a Sponsored Listing. Instead, they’re taken to a custom page that displays all of the items you are advertising. This creates a unique experience for shoppers – and as an added bonus, nobody else’s ads or listings are shown on this page. This allows customers to see a larger set of options, increasing the chances that one of them is the exact item they’re looking for.
  • Guaranteed premium real estate. Sponsored Listings could appear all over the search results page as well as in the Sponsored Products rotobanners on detail pages. Sometimes, these placements were buried, or your ad was placed far below other listings. Headline ads are just that – headlines. They always appear at the top of the search results, putting you quite literally ahead of your competitors.
  • Eye-catching format. While Sponsored Listings were designed to blend in with organic search results, headlines are formatted with a unique shape, font, and style that demands attention. In mobile, they even have a subtle background gradient that adds dimension and interest.
  • Customization. Sponsored Listings simply show the customer your product, just as an organic search would. But with Headline Search Ads, you also get to create a customized 100-character tagline to entice shoppers as well as a custom image that will appear to the left of your tagline. This can be a lifestyle shot of the product in use, your brand’s logo, an advertised SKU, or other relevant image. These customizations allow you to target specific shoppers more effectively.

We’ll be talking more about ways to leverage Headline Search Ads in Part 2 of this blog post, which you can find here: Part 2

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