Headline Search Ads for Seller Central: Part 1

Headline Search Ads in Seller Central: Part 2

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Now that Headline Search Ads have come to Seller Central, it’s time to start thinking about how they can fit into your existing campaign strategy and how you can leverage them for increased Q4 revenue. Here’s a few ideas for using Headline Search Ads’ unique features for your brand’s benefit:

  • Showcase coordinating items. Do you sell items that compliment each other (for example pillowcases, sheets, and blankets)? Now you can display the complete set in a single ad, offering the customer a ‘total package’ even though the items are on three different listings. 
  • Pair up items and their accessories. This is a great way to showcase an item along with all of its accessories or optional add-ons. You can place the item itself in the custom image section and use the tagline to indicate that the ad showcases accessories for it, and then fill the remaining slots with the accessory items. When the customer clicks the ad, they’ll see the item and all of those additional components in a single curated results page.
  • Call out unique or seasonal features and benefits. Get the most out of that custom tagline and image by targeting something specific! You can emphasize your caption with a coordinating custom image – for example, noting a phone case’s waterproof characteristics in the tagline and choosing a custom image of the phone being dunked in water. Sell small, giftable items? Run a tagline about stocking stuffers. School supplies? Mention the back-to-school season. The tagline and custom image are a great way to narrow your targeted customers and increase conversion rates.
  • Give bestsellers and struggling items a level playing field. You might have a product line with some items that appear at the forefront of search results and others that are lost several pages deep where customers are unlikely to venture. The Headline Search Ad’s custom landing page effectively places all your items on “page one”, meaning that those items are now getting far more traffic than they would have otherwise. (Note: it’s best to keep your total number of SKUs in a Headline ad relatively low – about a dozen or less – to prevent the curated landing page from splitting into multiple pages itself.)

There’s many other ways you can use the unique features of Headline Search Ads to enhance your existing campaign strategy – what will you use it for?

Developing, implementing, and optimizing advertising campaigns takes significant time and expertise. If you want to maximize your advertising revenue and opportunity, give us a shout.

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