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Tis not the season: Boosting Q4 Sales of Non-Seasonal Items

Q4 is a revenue gold mine for items that are just stocking-sized, snow-friendly or traditionally giftable. However, if your product isn’t traditionally a hot seller during the holidays, it can be frustrating. You’re battling aggressive competition from more gift-friendly products. This can reduce your revenue and dim what’s normally a bright season. If you’re in that boat, consider these tips to help generate additional Q4 sales for your products:

  1. Find the angle, and capture it visually. Consider unique indoor uses of traditionally outdoor items, or play up the holiday side with a fun photo shoot. Sell hammocks? Put someone in one on the porch of a winter cabin snuggled under a cozy blanket. Stage hammock on a frame indoors in the living room of a lodge. Grilling accessories? Get a little silly and add an action shot of St. Nick cooking up a nice steak for Mrs. Claus. If your item is difficult to get these sorts of images for, simply photograph it as a gift! Place it in an open gift box, wrap a bow around it, or tuck it into a stocking to kickstart shoppers’ imaginations.
  2. Leverage your seasonal imagery. You can use your seasonal image as an anchor picture for a Headline Search Ad. This helps reinforce the seasonal/giftable nature of your product. Headline ads always appear above search results, so while they can be more expensive, the placement guarantees top billing in search.
  3. Re-evaluate your keywords (and bullets!). Take a hard look at your existing keyword sets and make sure you’re within Amazon’s new requirements and are including any seasonally relevant terms that you left out when you set up the listing in July. Similarly, look through your bullets and descriptions and consider highlighting uses for the item that are seasonally relevant. These areas of your listing are indexed by Amazon for additional keywords, so they deserve special care. Amazon also uses them to determine which customers to show your Automatic targeted Sponsored Listings to (which is why optimization is key).
  4. Promote your sales via other sources. Make sure you’re driving traffic towards Amazon and other sales outlets from your other social media outlets. Use those fun seasonal images to emphasize your point. Leverage paid advertising outside of Amazon, including sources like Facebook or Google, to geotarget customers in areas of the country more likely to use your product during the winter months.

If you want to find other ways to keep your Q4 sales hot during an otherwise cold season, give Digital Brandworks a call. We’ll help you optimize your Amazon seller listings and help increase profits throughout the year.

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