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Should You Pay For An Amazon Consultant?

Selling on Amazon is complex — this is something companies learn quickly when they launch on the site. It’s tough to grow brand presence and revenue on Amazon without the help of an Amazon consultant that understands how to navigate the system, make use of the organic features offered on the platform such as Brand Registry and Sponsored Listings, and create a working strategy for defending brand reputation..

There are a few reasons to consider managing your own Amazon account, but most of them fall apart under a microscope. For example, it’s easy to set up an account and post products for sale, but never develop the brand presence necessary to succeed. Even the companies that do make a name for themselves may find third-party sellers undercutting their revenue by offering their brand’s products in their own stores without authorization.

Consider some reasons why hiring an Amazon expert can solve these problems and get you on the the path to profit and higher sales efficiently:

What Kind of Company Benefits From Amazon Consulting Services?

In truth, most any enterprise would improve its Amazon revenue using a consultant:

  • Even an established brand may not be fully optimized for the platform. It may lose revenue to unauthorized distributors or not get the best ROI for its marketing efforts, or be making poor use of marketing initiatives available within the platform.
  • Established manufacturers can develop better selling opportunities with a consultant on board. A consultant will understand the difference between working through Amazon Seller Central versus Vendor Central and can assist with the entire setup and/or transition process between these and other e-commerce marketplaces.
  • Startup companies that are looking to establish their brand need an Amazon consultant to develop their market. The consultant designs ways to control the brand, creates strategies to entice new customers, and optimizes the product listings.

Consultants work with many customers in a variety of industries, too. They collect and analyze data from every one of their clients. This means you get the benefit of tried and true practices based on real data. Unless you already have expert and current knowledge of the platform, consultants are better able to strategize for you, regardless of the size of the business or the industry, because they have more resources at their disposal.

Why Not Manage Your Own Amazon Account?

Determine if you can afford the time and money it takes to master the Amazon marketplace and to learn how each feature works. In business, time is money. There is a clear learning curve involved in selling on Amazon. The more time you spend educating yourself, the more revenue you lose in the process. Chances are, the couple of months you might be able to spare figuring out the system will not be enough, either. Ongoing optimization is a necessity and new features are frequently rolled out to sellers, so without continuous involvement you’ll be missing out on opportunities to grow your sales further.

A good platform consultant will also stay current on any changes Amazon makes and know how they affect your business strategy and sales stream. There are new marketplaces popping up all the time, so Amazon makes frequent adjustments to stay relevant and at the top of the e-commerce game. It’s a process that works for the powerhouse company. Amazon has a reputation for creating innovative technologies that change the way online shopping works. Staying up to date on those platform changes takes both time and expertise.

How to Best Optimize Your Time

There is more to your business than just managing your Amazon sales and marketing, so it becomes difficult to allocate your time efficiently. Hiring a consultant means owners and decision makers have time for other priorities such as business growth, thought leadership, product development, and diverse channel management.

Hands-on management is the key to getting the most from the biggest e-commerce channel in the world. Without it, the brand is:

  • Easily undercut by unauthorized sellers
  • Poorly represented in ineffective marketing campaigns
  • Missing out on money-saving features offered by Amazon
  • Losing revenue due to poor conversions
  • Neglecting customer service and communication
  • Suffering from low-volume sales
  • Likely over spending money to manage inventory

An expert consultant understands how to work the Amazon system and develop a custom brand strategy for any kind of business venture.

What to Expect From an Amazon Optimization Consultant

An Amazon marketing consultant starts by setting up your new marketplace or optimizing an existing one. The consultant will also scan the marketplace to see if the brand is represented in any other way (e.g., by third-party sellers).

Amazon marketing consultants will also create cost-effective ad campaigns and develop enhanced content to grow both the brand name and sales stream. Effective Amazon advertising and marketing strategies mean improved visibility, better targeted distribution, and higher conversion rates. A consultant will evaluate the business’s marketing budget and find the best options for a high return on investment.

Digital Brandworks Can Help

How do businesses decide if hiring a consultant to manage their Amazon account is a necessary step? For most companies, the benefits an Amazon consultant brings to the table are clear. Consider Digital Brandworks – our Amazon expert team that provides channel optimization, brand defense, and marketing strategies that help you get the most of your selling potential on this e-commerce giant. The pros clearly outweigh the cons — without a consultant, odds are your business is missing out on opportunities to grow. The time and money it takes to master this diverse platform on your own are better spent by investing in an Amazon consulting service.

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