Winning the Amazon Buy Box

What is the Buy Box?

I guess we should start here. The Buy Box is the “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now” button you see on a product page. Many sellers can sell the same product & they will compete for this prime button. Winning the Buy Box makes it easier for customers to purchase your product. It also allows you to advertise your product.

How does Amazon Choose a Winner?

There are many factors that go into Amazon’s proprietary algorithm to determine Buy Box winners. We’ve done the footwork to help you determine what steps will improve your chances:

Seller Metrics

Seller metrics include your Seller Feedback as well as Shipping Metrics. The better your metrics, the better your chances of winning the Buy Box. You can use email campaigns to help solicit feedback & catch problems before they get posted. You should also make sure you have a fulfillment set-up that can make sure your orders go out on time, that tracking is entered on time, and that orders are not cancelled due to lack of inventory or other seller-specific issues.

Product Price

Offering the best price also works in your favor. In this case, Amazon is considering both your list price and cost of shipping. There are 2 different ways in which Amazon considers your price:

Are you the best price on Amazon?

Amazon is going to favor the seller with the best combined product & shipping price (this is where free shipping can be a big help). You can even use Amazon’s automated pricing tool to help keep yourself competitively priced. It is important to know that sales prices will impact this, but use of coupons or promo codes will not. Subscribe & Save can also help you out here, although be aware you do not want to use an automated pricing tool while enrolled in Subscribe & Save as unstable pricing can get a product removed.

Are you the best price overall?

Recently, within the past 6 months, Amazon has decided to make a bug push to be the best shopping experience for consumers. Part of this involves making sure products listed on their page are the best value compared to other websites and brick & mortar stores. This effort includes regularly scanning websites and allowing consumers to submit cheaper prices found elsewhere (with supporting documentation).

For Brand Registered sellers, this can be quite frustrating as it does not consider their MAP & Distribution policies. Our team can help you enforce these policies, but there are also actions you can take within Amazon. Amazon will send you a notice when a cheaper price is found, and they do inform you what that price is. You can also always check your Brand Health section of Seller Central. From here your choices are to comply, or submit an appeal proving you are competitively priced.


As mentioned in the point above, free shipping boosts your odds of winning the Buy Box. However, Prime shipping is even better! Sellers have the option of applying for Seller Fulfilled Prime, and offering free 2-Day shipping under Prime themselves, or using Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) services. FBA will weigh more in your favor, as you give Amazon control over your shipments & customer service for delivery issues.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

FBA does not only help you in terms of your Price & Shipping. It also helps you if launching a brand new product. You could have the best seller metrics possible, be the only seller of your product on Amazon, and also have the best price anywhere, and still not get the Buy Box. Why? Because your product has never been sold on Amazon before.

The best way to combat that is with FBA. Using FBA gets your product into Amazon’s hands. They can look at it and touch it. They can verify it is a quality product.

Product Sales & Reviews

Amazon wants to support products with a good consumer experience. If you are selling a brand new product, it can be tricky to get that Buy Box, even if you have no Third Party (3P) competition. As mentioned above, FBA is a great way to dive in.

However, boosting your sales of a product also helps. It shows Amazon you are a trusted seller & your offer is trusted. You can also use your sales to garner more product reviews, by way of organic reviews, solicited reviews, and Amazon programs.

Reviews can also assist here. Product reviews help Amazon verify a product is real, as well as it’s quality. If you are launching a new product for you, but it already has a sales history & reviews on Amazon, you will have better chances of winning the Buy Box than if the product was brand new to Amazon altogether.

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