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UPDATED March 11, 2020.
In preparation for a more unified platform, Amazon has been mirroring their features for Vendors & Sellers. Part of that change has impacted EBC, which is now the same as A+ Pages. Please refer to that post for the most up to date information.

So now you know what Enhanced Brand Content is & why you want it. Join us as we discuss how the ins and outs of each available feature and how to optimize your page(s) for the best consumer experience. Much like storefront, the platform is a fairly user-friendly plug & play system.

Best Practices

EBC will replace the product description on detail pages, but is actually not indexed by Amazon. However, search engines may still index this content. Because of this you still want a strong product description, not only for Amazon search indexing, but also for mobile viewers. EBC will show in the Amazon app if a viewer clicks on the product description, but may not display in other mobile applications.

When creating EBC, take full advantage of the fields to tell the brand story as well as highlight features. If your products are consumable, this is a great opportunity to discuss your ingredients in-depth or highlight the benefits of active ingredients. It is also good practice to read through the product reviews (including those for competing sellers) and questions. Address the common questions and complaints in your EBC to improve the buying experience.

Image Requirements

  • Do not duplicate images in listing
  • No text in images (logos excluded; small amounts of text appear OK)
  • Lifestyle images should include product (brand story images do not have to)
  • Hi-res & high-quality images


  • Do not direct to other products
  • Do not compare to other products
  • Do not include weblinks
  • Do not include pricing/shipping/promo (best, cheapest, etc) verbiag
  • Do not include time-sensitive info (on sale now, limited, this week only, etc)
  • Do not include seller-specific info or contacts
  • Do not include quotes
  • Do not include copyright/trademark symbols (same rule as content)
  • Do not use HTML

Submission Process

The creation and submission process is very easy to follow. Select Enhanced Brand Content under the Advertising menu to get started. The system does allow sellers to skip fields within a chosen template. Amazon will automatically readjust the template in order to fill the white space.

Within 7 days of submission, EBC will either be published or rejected. Sellers can have up to 20 submissions at one time.

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