International Selling Part 1: FBA Global Export

This is a feature where Amazon will ship your orders internationally. You can easily activate or deactivate from your FBA Settings.

How Does Global Export Work?

It is important to note that FBA Global Export still only applies to the marketplace you are active on. For example, US sellers can sell/ship internationally, but their listings will not be international. This means your listings will show up on and can be shipped worldwide, but your listings will not show up on,, etc.

For Amazon FBA orders, there is no additional fee & Amazon handles all the paperwork/coordination. Your customers are responsible for international shipping fees & duties.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) Options

You can also use FBA Global Export for non-Amazon orders. For example, you can integrate certain online sales platforms with Amazon which automate MCF for your non-Amazon orders, utilizing your FBA stock. Again, Amazon handles all paperwork/coordination, and customers are responsible for international shipping fees & duties. For these orders, however, you are charged a fee.

International Advertising Options

Amazon US ads will only run on, so while international shoppers perusing will certainly see your products, you need to run off-Amazon strategies to direct international shoppers to in the first place.

For any off-Amazon tactic, you could also choose to redirect to your storefront, using Amazon Attribution. Doing it this way would be the best way to measure conversions. Google AdWords & Facebook will tell you how many clicks you got, but Amazon does not let other services have metrics on sales. Click through rates coupled with the storefront tag sales data will help you estimate which markets are performing the best, or which advertising platforms are having the most impact. This data could also be gathered as a precursor to Amazon Global Shipping.

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP)

This features off-Amazon targeting as well as unique Amazon targeting such as video ads, kindle screen savers, buy box, cart, and more. DSP offers demographic and location targeting. One thing to keep in mind is that DSP is much more an awareness type of marketing than sales. Not to say your sales won’t improve, but you pay by impression/view and the return overall tends to be lower than traditional ads. However, it can be great for international awareness and new product launches.

Social Media

Facebook is a good source for international advertising because you have a lot of control over your demographics and location targeting.

Search Engines

You can also revise or make new Google AdWords campaigns to target international customers as well. International tactics to consider include targeting your international competitors, localizing keywords, and potentially translating your ads.

We also highly recommend looking into localized search engines or social platforms. China in particular has their own & preferred search engines, social media, and eCommerce platforms. However, it’s always a good idea to look into any country you want to sell in as well.

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