International Selling Part 2: Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling allows you to offer your products in other countries. This differs from FBA Global Export as you will list in different countries, and you will be responsible for international shipping fees and duties.

You may already have some products on Amazon’s international markets, via 3P sellers, or you may be looking to expand your global reach. While FBA Global Export ships internationally, it relies on international customers browsing on Amazon Global Selling allows you to list on the different international marketplaces, and target your international customers on their home turf. You are more likely to get global awareness through this program.

How Does Amazon Global Selling work?

Amazon has a couple “umbrella” accounts: North America & Europe (although they are planning an Asia one as well). Each umbrella account covers multiple countries for no additional charge. Right now each umbrella account or stand alone country has a $39.99/month fee. It is also possible for some sellers to get all of their accounts linked under 1 umbrella account, pending certain requirements and Amazon approval. Regardless of how you are paying, all accounts are accessible in a drop-down within Seller Central, as long as you used the same main log-in.

Available Marketplaces

  • The Americas
    • North America (US, Canada, Mexico)
    • Brazil (invite only & restricted to books; future plans to roll into NA umbrella)
  • Europe
    • Greater Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain)
    • Netherlands (previously restricted to digital only; added to the EU umbrella in March 2020)
  • Asia
    • Japan (strict regulations, you should hire a broker or lawyer; may become part of an Asia umbrella)
    • India (strict eCommerce rules if you aren’t a physical business in the country; may become part of an Asia umbrella)
    • China (must be registered in China, may also require a physical presence, rumors of Amazon phasing out; may become part of an Asia umbrella if not phased out)
  • Australia (restricted product range; may become part of an Asia umbrella)

Value-Added Tax (VAT)

If you plan to sell internationally, you will need to apply for VAT in most countries. UK VAT used to extend to all European countries, but recent changes will also require you to register individually in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and Armenia. France currently will accept UK VAT, but you need to specify you are using UK VAT and not French VAT.

It is also important to note that you must take care of this before listing any product. Failure to do so risks account suspension, which can be time consuming to reverse.

Once you are registered for VAT, you can take advantage of Amazon’s VAT Calculation Service. This free feature will show your customers their price with VAT included.

Setting Up Your Listings

There are tools in place that will help you copy your listings over to the other marketplaces (they are not foolproof, but very helpful nonetheless). Translation is recommended, although we recommend listing in English first, then translate as necessary (using dual-language when available). Amazon has translation recommendations, occasionally free tools, or you can go to Google translate or hire a translator. You also have the option of only selling in English-speaking countries.

Which Products Should I List Internationally?

You can hop on listings that already exist in other marketplaces, refer to the Exportable Inventory report, or use existing ad/sales data from FBA Export to help identify products & marketplaces should you choose to expand using this service.

Brand Registry

You will have to register for Brand Registry with each country. This does not necessarily mean you have to register your brand with each country, however. When filling out your Brand Registry application, Amazon asks for the details about where your brand has been registered.

International Shipping

For most countries, Amazon also offers FBA services (EU having a similar set-up to NA, where you don’t need to ship to every country under the umbrella). You are responsible for shipping over your inventory, including VAT and customs paperwork, paying duties, etc. These requirements vary by country, even if under the same umbrella account. Amazon also has some strict rules about how you address shipments, as they will not be the official receiver. Team DBW is well-versed in these processes, or you can hire a broker. Drop-shipping is also an option, although not recommended unless it is your only choice.

Amazon Global Advertising Options

Amazon has advertising for each global platform, so you can run campaigns on these platforms to target their specific audience. These campaigns won’t interfere with each other, as the ads will only show on the platform they are built in (so US ads show on, UK ads show on, etc).

You can also use the same off-Amazon strategies suggested for FBA Global Export, which can be coupled with country-specific Amazon storefronts.

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