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UPDATED June 18, 2020.
Shortly after releasing this article, Amazon rolled out ARA Premium upgrades for brand registered vendors. Previously a paid for advanced reporting platform, ARA Premium is now free to brand registered vendors and offers most of the reporting metrics highlighted below. More recently, Amazon has reformatted the Brand Dashboard, removed some features, and added more benefits to sellers.

Brand Registry is a system within Amazon, and if you aren’t enrolled already you should highly consider it. Not only do sellers and vendors have access to Storefront and Enhanced Content, you are also provided some 3P protection tools. Over the past 6 months or so, Amazon has expanded Brand Registry’s features even more for sellers. These features include a variety of data points, listing optimization, review monitoring, and more.

Brand Dashboard

The Brand Dashboard allows you to see statistics in real-time that may be impacting your visibility and sales. For some sellers, this displays as a widget on the main page. But for others, you need to navigate to the page directly, in which case you may not even know what you have been missing out on.

Brand Health

Brand Health may sound familiar, but a lot has changed. This used to be a section under Manage Inventory, and only looked at pricing. Now it has expanded to look at other metrics that impact your Buy Box eligibility.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing is what you are most likely to associate with Brand Health. Amazon lets you know how your price looks compared to other marketplaces, which is indicative of whether customers will buy from you on Amazon or go to another site.

Prime Eligibility

Shipping and Prime availability impact your chances of winning the Buy Box. This little tool lets you know if your products are eligible for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or Seller-Fufilled Prime (SFP), but aren’t enrolled. It’s a handy reminder to boost your Buy Box wins and look more attractive to customers.

In-Stock Rate

You can view your inventory levels in a variety of places, so this is not much different than what you are familiar with elsewhere. Amazon will let you know low stock and out-of-stock items, and will link you to replenishment.

Search Terms Optimization

Previously under the Traffic category, Amazon will flag you for search term optimization if you are using less than 90% of your allotted space for keywords or do not have value-added keywords. This is very helpful in reviewing your current or future keywords. Amazon will identify keywords that are already indexed in your content or that otherwise lack value, and they will even suggest keywords to help boost your visibility.

Customer Reviews

Even though Amazon will highlight reviews in Brand Health, this section will show all reviews for he past 30 days. While it is a great idea to respond to negative reviews, and use them as an opportunity to identify optimizations you can make on your listing (or the product itself), looking at the positive reviews also has a benefit. It’s not a bad idea to respond to some of the positive reviewers too, thanking them for being loyal customers, offering insights, etc. Positive reviews can also help you identify optimization opportunities, by highlight new keywords or showing benefits that you could give more attention to in your content. This can also help you track reviews coming int through Vine or ERP.

Brand Benefits

There are many other features on the Brand Dashboard that may not fall under the menu options Some of these may appear as tiles on your dashboard, and others you may only discover after clicking onto Brand Benefits.

Brand Analytics

Previously under the Brand Dashboard view, Brand Analytics has recently moved to the reports section of Seller Central. This section is a plethora of information regarding consumer purchase behavior. You can view search terms by category, products customers compared yours to, products customers bought after looking at yours (whether the same or different), and products bought together with yours. This is very useful for advertising & SEO optimization.

More Brand Benefits

There are many other features in this section now, but as they are all highlighted in their own posts, we will just provide a quick list for you:

There are a few more brand-exclusive features that Amazon does not highlight specifically on their dashboard, but which we feel are worth knowing about:

Past Features

Amazon is constantly updating your dashboard & available features. For better or worse, the following are no longer available to sellers


So now you are aware of you Brand’s health and Buy Box eligibility. Conversion lets you know how likely you are to make a sale, and what you can improve to further entice a purchase.

Detail Page Completion

Here you can see if there are any issues with your detail pages. This is pretty handy because it will help identify descriptions that aren’t live (when hidden by EBC, you would not otherwise be aware), and descriptions that aren’t indexed.

Total Reviews

Amazon recommends a minimum of 5 reviews per ASIN in order to boost visibility and sales, and they have created the Vine & Early Reviewer Program (ERP) to help you get those reviews. This helps with algorithms for search, and contributes to other requirements such as participation in Subscribe & Save or Coupons.

Critical Reviews

Critical reviews are important for sellers and vendors to review. Amazon will compile all reviews for 3 stars or below from the last 30 days in 1 place for you to quickly and easily manage them. This helps you identify problems quickly, and allows you to further create a positive customer experience or optimize your listings.

A+ content Coverage

Enhanced Content is a great feature, and there is no reason not to have it on every listing. It increases visibility, helps optimize listings by adding in additional & formatted content, and provides more space for keyword indexing. Not to mention, listings with enhanced content look better, and more professional. This simple feature identifies which products are lacking Enhanced Content.


There are two main ways within Amazon’s platform to generate traffic for your listings. This section of Brand Health tells you where you are lacking based on Amazon’s own algorithms.

Sponsored Ad Adoption

This section does not only alert you to products that are not being advertised, but products that are being advertised with no page views in the past 30 days. This helps you identify products that could benefit form ads for increased visibility, and ads that need revision for improved performance & visibility.

New Product Optimizer

This feature is wonderful for brand new listings. Amazon will help you optimize your product detail pages for maximum impact. If you are a new seller and just getting started, this feature can be super helpful. Even if you are a seasoned seller, this feature may help confirm your methods are working for any new product you decide to list. New listings will show in this section for their first 60 days, so you have time to work on your optimizations.

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