International Selling Part 3: Amazon Buy & Sell

If you want to get noticed on the international Amazon platforms, but you aren’t ready to take the leap and sell on them yourselves, there is one more option available to you. This option doesn’t have a catchy name like the others, but it allows Amazon t buy your merchandise and sell it globally.

Why Would I Want to Allow Amazon to Buy & Sell my Merchandise?

The advantage of allowing Amazon to buy & sell your merchandise globally, is that you don’t have to worry about anything. Your inventory is already in FBA, and Amazon will do all the work. They will import your listings onto their international platforms, including any translation. From there, Amazon is responsible for all customs paperwork. Customers receive their order as if they had purchased it locally.

Amazon will determine the price at which they list, which may also help buffer additional costs. You will get paid as if you sold your product on & Amazon will manage any additional fees required. Your inventory is only purchased by Amazon when they sell it internationally, so you do not need to worry about any units being tied up for potential international sales.

How Do I Give Amazon Permission to Buy & Sell my Products?

Eligible sellers are automatically enrolled into the feature. If you have previously opted-out, you can update your permissions in your FBA Settings. There are no additional fees fro participation.

However, it is important to note this is an all-or-nothing participation. At this time, Amazon does not allow you to opt-in on a product level. So if you are worried about keeping certain products domestic only, your best bet is to opt-out. Likewise, Amazon does not acknowledge or adhere to distribution agreements, so be aware what impact global selling may have and make your choice accordingly.

How Can I Track Amazon’s International Sales?

You can easily tell if Amazon has bought your product to sell internationally. When looking at your sales history, the buyer will be listed as

How is this Different from FBA Global Export or Global Selling?

FBA Global Export is a system in which Amazon handles the export of your product. They manage all customs paperwork & duties are charged to the customer. These sales are still yours, with all extra fees on the buyer. Amazon is just the fulfillment center, just like a normal FBA sale.

Amazon Global Selling is just an umbrella term for all other Amazon platforms. Just like FBA Global Export, all of your global sales are your own. In these instances you are responsible for all customs paperwork and duties. You have the option of utilizing the local FBA services or drop shipping your orders, just like you do on

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