Amazon Marketing Services

Advertising on Amazon

The growing reality of ecommerce marketplaces like Amazon is that sponsored listings and various additional marketing initiatives are becoming a requirement instead of a suggestion. Good campaign management requires solid strategy, competent deployment, and ongoing maintenance to maximize your ad's visibility, impact, and ROI. Digital Brandworks works with you to determine your ecommerce marketing goals and identify individual products and product lines that will benefit best from paid placement. We develop an advertising strategy that fits your brand's needs and budget, then implement the strategy through a series of advertising campaigns to maximize profitability. Digital Brandworks works within Vendor Central's Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) platform and Seller Central's Sponsored Listings, as well as, facilitates Amazon Marketing Group (AMG) opportunities for qualified vendors.

In addition to advertising, we also optimize your brand's visibility through the use of promotions, such as, Lightning Deals, Best Deals, Vine, coupons, and more. Applying these discounts in combination with paid placements can have a significant impact on brand performance and help you take full advantage of high-traffic areas of Amazon as well as increased holiday and Prime Day traffic.

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Multi-Channel Strategy

Selling on Amazon or other ecommerce sites is becoming not just the norm, but a necessity. Driving traffic to those sites is often an overlooked piece of the marketing puzzle, and navigating the complex world of third-party advertising feeds can be a headache. We can complement your paid placements with multi-channel solutions that provide simple, one-stop solutions for sites like Wayfair, Overstock, Wal-Mart and many more.

We also offer in-depth social media strategy consulting. Leveraging the vast audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ gives you unprecedented targeting opportunities. Using both paid and organic content, our Amazon marketing strategy can help you drive traffic to your Amazon listings and build additional brand visibility. We will perform a detailed analysis of your existing social media presence and walk you through opportunities on each platform based on your product and industry. From there, we can design assets that integrate with your existing marketing and optimization initiatives, and help you discover new ways to introduce your product to the public and drive ecommerce revenue with a custom Amazon advertising strategy.

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Campaign Maintenance & Reporting

Our team constantly monitors, adjusts, and optimizes your ad campaigns daily. The result is a campaign that is constantly improving its efficiency, adjusting to customer search trends, and increasing profitability. We also analyze and leverage the powerful data you can get from these campaigns. Yes, we use this data to constantly improve the existing ads. Digital Brandworks uses this information to make informed recommendations on future campaigns, identify new sales opportunities, offer you insight on conversion and trends you couldn't otherwise see in your standard sales data, to further optimize your product listings maximizing SEO, relevancy, and search indexing.

We constantly feed information from advertising initiatives back into your organic content and product listings, improving keyword matching and popular consumer search patterns. This ensures that your content isn't just optimized once, but it remains fresh and relevant even as trends change. We also monitor competitors and adjust campaigns to defend your existing marketshare and compete effectively against similar products.

Each week you'll receive performance reporting that details the work we are doing and allows you to maintain alignment with budget and ROI goals. We'll also provide details on keywords, ad placement, and more to give you the most complete picture possible.

Discover how ongoing advertising data can dovetail into our brand defense strategy and listing optimization services.