Amazon Seller Protection

At Digital Brandworks, our strategic brand management solutions help ensure the integrity and reputation of your brand by protecting it against unauthorized usage and misrepresentation. This Amazon seller protection component of our channel management program helps protect your brand from being diluted by third parties or unauthorized sellers that negatively impact your brand value. By working to maintain – and expand – your presence, we can help you regain marketshare and increase revenue.

Seller Identification

We start by identifying sellers and resellers of your products on each channel, including Amazon. We use proprietary software to analyze Amazon listings to identify any third-party sellers that may be damaging your brand in our Amazon fraud report. Then, your Digital Brandworks team member works with our in-house investigator to uncover the identity of the seller — even if the seller is using a DBA. We repeat the listing review periodically to ensure that your listings stay clean and compliant with your Amazon brand strategy. This ongoing surveillance helps regain control of your listings so customers can easily find and buy genuine products.

Once we have identified all sellers — including any unauthorized sellers that may be involved in an Amazon seller scam — Digital Brandworks can communicate detailed guidance on brand guidelines to sellers directly or work with your team to help improve third-party listings without damaging relationships with distributors. We also create a strategy for dealing with unauthorized sellers or sellers that continue to violate policy and damage your brand integrity.

In addition to third-party management, we make improvements to your existing marketplace listings and provide sales and performance reporting for the insight you need to operate effectively.


Brandshare Strategy

We want to ensure that you are getting all the sales you deserve. To help achieve this, our brand strategy consulting includes a detailed strategic listing analysis and competitor review. This includes identifying third-party sellers on your listings and duplicate third-party listings of your products.

We will:

  • Identify any areas where you may be missing out on sales and revenue because of a lack of optimization
  • Identify products or product lines where other sellers are cutting in on your profits
  • Systematically review listings to remove any counterfeit or unauthorized versions of your product
  • Monitor third-party sellers to ensure compliance
  • Assign one of our experienced Amazon consulting team members to develop a comprehensive brand strategy to increase your brand's presence and success

We can also help improve your brand performance by optimizing your listings and discovering new opportunities through our tailored reporting services.


Customer Response Monitoring

Customer service is not just a metric - it has a direct impact on converstion rate and sales. The Digital Brandworks team monitors the questions and reviews posted on your listings and sends you convenient reporting on customer interactions so you can see at a glance what consumers are saying about your products. We respond to customer inquiries and reviews on your behalf, providing buyers with timely and relevant responses. Staying on top of these interactions improves the overall customer experience and gives you crucial information about product usage and quality in the field. Digital Brandworks can also use this data to further optimize your listings and advertising campaigns.


Marketplace Enhancements

Strategic brand management requires ongoing consulting efforts to stay ahead of the competition. Our team will perform a comprehensive review of your account to help ensure you’re taking advantage of Amazon’s brand-promoting tools and to implement additional safeguards. Our team can help with:

  • Brand Registry setup and implementation
  • A+ page and Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) development
  • Brand Page creation
  • Listing quality alerts and other factors that could affect winning the buy box
  • Assistance with the gating process

We ensure your brand is represented accurately and fully on Amazon and all your other ecommerce channels, which in turns improves the customer experience and drives increased conversions and sales.

If you already use these features, we can still improve performance further via advertising campaigns and optimization. We gather and analyze important feedback on customer responses to your listings and products so you can continue to fine-tune your performance.


Distribution Policy

As ecommerce sales continue to grow, so does the temptation for resellers and distributors to hop on the bandwagon and take a bite out of your profits. Digital Brandworks works with your team to create minimum advertised price (MAP) and distribution policies to help protect pricing strategy, improve marketplace representation, and combat any brand degradation.

Once we have created these strategic brand management policies, Digital Brandworks also helps execute them both internally and externally. We monitor all incidents of brand usage and execute cease and desist orders on your behalf to maintain the policy's integrity. This helps ensure compliance with your policies, to maintain your brand's value.

Your Amazon brand strategy efforts should be supported by listings that are optimized for SEO and customer experience. We also create customized campaigns that run alongside these brand management efforts and further strengthen your brand’s presence.


Get started growing, protecting and managing your brand today!