Amazon Listing Optimization

Thriving in the competitive ecommerce marketplace requires a strategic, multifaceted approach. At Digital Brandworks, you can leverage the Amazon listing optimization experience we have gained at analyzing and managing multiple channels and sales platforms, developing content that differentiates, optimizing all aspects of product listings, and creating effective advertising campaigns. This comprehensive strategy can help you reach your objective of increasing your brand share and revenue in increasingly crowded markets.

Marketplace Setup

Whether you are new to ecommerce optimization or experienced, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to channel management. Digital Brandworks can help manage your existing channels or expand into new sales platforms. We make the entire process simple by helping you select the best channels and partners for your products and brand representation. Our team can increase your sales by identifying unique opportunities on each platform.

We can help plan and manage the strategy and execution for any of the Amazon platforms (Vendor Central, Vendor Express, Seller Central, Handmade, or Advantage). Our team also has direct relationships with several other marketplaces, so we can identify opportunities to maximize sales and manage your brand strategy and presence across multiple channels including Amazon, Walmart, Jet, Wayfair, Rakuten, NewEgg, Target, Sears and many more. By placing new products on the best platform to attract shoppers, we can increase your revenue without increasing your effort.

If you decide to adopt a new channel, we will advise on the most advantageous paths for your brand, and advise on contract negotiations. Even if your ecommerce channels are already set up, we can provide your brand with the benefits of optimization, channel management, and marketing and advertising efforts. Your partnership with us will increase sales and profits, and protect your brand on all ecommerce platforms.

Learn more about how we can assist with multichannel management here.


Content Development

One of the most important parts of ecommerce optimization is the content you use to attract customers and prospects. Content development for your ecommerce channels can be time consuming. It also requires a deep understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) to help ensure your content ranks well in search results.

The team at Digital Brandworks has this specialized expertise. We write content and create images that showcase your products and attract customers while helping increase sales.The process starts with an analysis of any existing content or marketing strategy. We take the time to learn the details of your brand’s products, category, competitors, and complimentary items. We study your target market, so we know how to best appeal to them. Only then do we start writing new and enhanced content.

Working together with your in-house team, we craft content that reflects your branding elements. We carefully align with your style, tone, and overall brand messaging. We speak directly to your target audience’s concerns. Then, we optimize copy for each platform. We also evaluate your product photography and any other design elements and either advise your team or create additional assets in-house to best represent your products and brand.

While it is important that your content appeals to your consumer base, you also need that channel’s search engines to direct traffic to your content. We optimize your listings for best practices and SEO to improve visibility and ensure you rank well in organic on-site searches, which in turn maximizes your advertising efforts for best results.


Listing Optimization

You need to optimize your listings to attract consumers, but Amazon listing optimization requires expertise. Digital Brandworks has the necessary experience to improve your brand presence. Our process ensures that every aspect of each listing is considered.

We start the comprehensive listing review by analyzing your existing content. We look at everything including grammar, tone, relevancy impact, SEO impact, listing structure, and field completeness. We review the listing’s images to ensure they showcase a product's strengths and differentiating features. Next comes the deep dive into back-end fields and keywords. These additional fields can be crucial in improving performance, but are often overlooked and underused. We also look at your catalog structure to ensure products are organized in a way that provides customers the best chance of finding exactly what they need — and puts you at the forefront of relevant searches, ahead of your competitors.

We make comprehensive recommendations to optimize your content and catalog structure. If necessary, we develop new content and visual elements to help tell your brand’s story. Optimization ensures your listings remain within Amazon guidelines, and maximizes your opportunities for improved search rank, engagement, and conversion.

Channel Optimization is an ongoing process. We’re happy to talk with you about the strategic course we take to achieve success.