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3 step process for Amazon seller help


Implementing our comprehensive three-part channel management system means that each component of your customized program benefits from the data and trends of the others. Wherever possible, we leverage that combined data to improve performance across all aspects of your ecommerce presence.

The three components of Amazon merchant services


Our process utilizes a combination of listing optimization, brand defense strategies, and advertising initiatives to build revenue and increase your sales on your Amazon merchant account and beyond. We can package these together within our comprehensive channel management program, or focus on an individual component.

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In addition to our Amazon merchant services, our channel management program also includes extensive account oversight and case management to resolve listing, inventory, and account issues quickly and efficiently.

We proactively monitor your account to resolve issues like HAZMAT or shipping prep flags, pricing errors, replenishment status updates and more. We handle case management and speak to Amazon on your behalf, updating you as we identify and fix administrative issues.

We can take on responsibility for your ecommerce inventory management. We offer seamless integration with your warehouse or third party fulfillment to actively track and manage inventory levels across channels, and use in-house analytics to predict future inventory needs accurately. We can help you navigate shipping options, enter and track your shipments, perform inventory reconciliation, and help you minimize costly storage fees and unnecessary charges.

We also review all chargeback claims to dispute false allegations and prevent "double dipping", to ensure your money is refunded and that you're receiving a fair and accurate profit on your sales. We work with your teams to put processes in place to correct and prevent chargeback issues in the future.

Amazon merchant services reporting example


We want to keep you up to date with our work and make it easy for you to monitor trends and results. These reports provide you with valuable insight on past, present, and future trends of your products' performance in the marketplace and point out opportunities for additional growth and improved efficiency.

Typically, you'll get weekly sales reports with up-to-date trends and analysis plus recommended order quantities, buy box percentages, and more customized to your brand's needs and marketplace setup. We can also perform in-depth forecasting where we take historical sales and stock levels, current demand and trends, and seasonality into account to develop a comprehensive view of your current ecommerce position. From these, we can create layovers to provide you with potential marketing opportunities, accurate inventory projections and an easy way to monitor trends.

You'll get additional reporting and analytics based on your channel management program structure. We provide regular reporting on advertising campaign performance, 3P seller monitoring, customer reviews and Q&As, and more. Each report includes a snapshot of current progress as well as convenient ways to benchmark performance based on goals and actions taken.

Have a specific ecommerce component that deserves special attention? Want to track a unique statistic or track a data set that you don't currently have in an easy-to-use format? No problem. Our team will work with you to identify the specific metrics/data you want to monitor and build out customized analytics for you.

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